CISS Does Not Provide Advice Or Treatment

CISS believes that all therapy should be wholistic, considering the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

CISS advocates an alternative approach based on self-help, scientifically proven evidence-based methods that do no harm, so individuals diagnosed with cancer can take control of their health. We provide information to CISS members personally, by phone, via our website or our online e-library, enabling them to make informed choices based on the above principles from the available options.

For example we help members identify possible causes of their cancer and provide them with skills to deal with these. We can also put members in contact with relevant doctors and other allied health professionals who can help with their chosen cancer survival program.

Many CISS members take advantage of the 5 or 10-day cancer courses run by the Gawler Foundation at Yarra Valley in Victoria developed by Ian Gawler, which are based on 7 elements that deal with potential causes:

  1. Regular Meditation helps to bring the body back to its natural state of balance – the ideal condition for the body to make the most of its inherent capacity to heal itself.
  2. Good Nutrition built on an organic plant-based wholefood diet, creates a cancer-unfriendly alkaline environment in the body and supports the body’s natural healing process.
  3. Power of the Mind as taught by our foundation is the re-evaluation of core beliefs and values and the practical application of positive thinking can stimulate both the conscious and unconscious mind to assist the body’s healing process.
  4. Emotional Healing involves the process of releasing pains of the past and resolving negative emotions, to free up emotional and physical energy to boost immunity. Opening your heart to positive experiences and emotions supports healing.
  5. Quest for Meaning and purpose in life can offset the fears and worries for our own mortality and help maintain a positive state of mind.
  6. Moderate Exercise can help prevent and improve the survival rates for people with cancer, supports pain management, increases vitality and boosts immunity and mental health.
  7. Effective Support is essential to help people cope with the challenges and uncertainties of serious illness and work through the range of healing options and strategies.

Others have attended the Quest for Life Foundation’s 5-day retreat courses at Bundanoon in the NSW Southern Highlands developed by Petrea King

Ian Gawler and Petrea King recovered from late stage cancer diagnosed more than 30 years ago. Ian had Osteosarcoma diagnosed in 1975 and had a leg amputated. Later that year the cancer returned and he was not expected to live for another year. Petrea was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 1983 and was also not expected to live. Both are alive and well.



The articles below explore some of the evidence supporting the alternative approach and questioning the benefits of some of the widely used conventional treatments:

Evaluating Cancer Therapies and Developing a Cancer Program

Extracts from a presentation by Don Benjamin Research Director (and former Convenor) of the Cancer Information & Support Society St Leonards (Sydney) at the Annual Cancer Seminar organised by the Cancer Support Association of WA Inc At Cottesloe, WA Saturday 3 May 2003 (slides available from author on request).

The Cause and Treatment of Cancer

The NSW State Cancer Council supports the orthodox view that cancer is a localised condition caused only by physiological conditions. The alternative point of view, however, sees cancer as a late-stage symptom of an underlying systemic disease that affects the whole body. Which theory is correct and why?

Mechanism of Electromagnetic Field Interactions with Cells

Summarised by Don Benjamin. Anecdotal evidence suggests higher incidence of brain cancers among mobile phone users. Is it real? Recent findings concerning the effects of power frequency electric fields on body tissues is discussed by Dr Martin Blank from Columbia University at a presentation to the CSIRO Division of Applied Physics at Lindfield on 23 August 1996.

The Efficacy of Chemotherapy for Cancer

By Don Benjamin. In a previous article (Natural Health, December 1995/January 1996) Don focussed mainly on the efficacy of surgery. In this article Don focuses on chemotherapy.

The Efficacy of Radiotherapy

By Don Benjamin. There has never been a properly run randomised trial that showed that radiotherapy saved any lives or even produced a significant increase in survival for any type of cancer. Radiotherapy can reduce the rate of recurrence, but has never been found to increase overall survival. In rare cases radiotherapy can extend life for a while by shrinking a tumour that is threatening a vital organ.

Harm From Radiotherapy for Colorectal Cancer

By Ralph Moss. The Colorectal Cancer Collaborative Group clearly show that neither preoperative nor postoperative radiation therapy has an appreciable effect on overall survival in patients with this disease.

Cancer – Theories about Causes and Treatment

Each new discovery in the cancer field adds another piece to the puzzle. Here are six recent pieces that have added greatly to the understanding of the cancer process.

Gilbert Ling and the Sodium Pump Myth

By Don Benjamin. The following is a summary of a 12 page article in the Gerson Therapy Practitioner Training Manual 1.4 published by the Gerson Institute.

Cancer and the Role of the Mind

By Don Benjamin. Alternative therapists claim that the causation and control of cancer has not only physical but psychological and spiritual factors as well. Orthodox medicine on the other hand accepts only the physical factors. What is the evidence that theories relating to psychological factors are valid and that therapy based on these theories actually works?

Molecules of Emotion

Don Benjamin reviews the book by Candace Pert, 1999, Touchstone, Simon & Schuster, New York. Candace explains how the emotions control the cells of the body contributing to diseases such as cancer, coronary heart disease, arthritis.

Pulsed Magnetic Fields

A summary of a paper by DH Trock, AJ Bollet and R Markoll. The Effect of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields in the Treatment of osteoarthritis of the Knee and Cervical Spine. Report of Randomised, Double Blind, Placebo Controlled Trials. Journal of Rheumatology 1994; 21 (10): 1903-1911

Self-Medication: the Treatment of Cancer with Phenergan and calcium

Sept 2009- Updated This DIY treatment was written by a British scientist, Dr Robert Jones, in England. He was forbidden to publish on the Internet, not on the grounds of causing any medical hazard but because European law regards the therapy as advertising, and is thus illegal within the European Union. There is, however, no reason why the treatment should not be made generally available to anyone outside the European Union who may be interested.

The Story of Harry Hoxsey

In the 1950’s Harry Hoxsey operated cancer clinics in over 17 states in the USA claiming he positively cured cancer. Today, only one clinic remains in Tijuana, Mexico, still claiming an average 80% cure rate.

Mechanisms to control tumour growth, including Melatonin and Diurnal Fasting

Extracts from a talk by Associate Professor Ray Kearney from the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University of Sydney to CISS entitled “Factors That Accelerate and Reduce Cancer Growth, ie factors in the tumour/host relationship” on Saturday 29 March 2003.

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