Media & Feedback

CISS actively seeks and promotes contact with the Media, to ensure its activities are open to public scrutiny at all times. CISS regularly issues Media releases to Newspaper journalists, Radio and Television, announcing new initiatives in evaluative research, conferences, public seminars and other activities of public interest.

CISS conducts yearly in-depth membership satisfaction surveys (quantitative & qualitative data), seeking feedback on all of its services offered and activities conducted. Results of these surveys are posted on the CISS website and forwarded to the Media for scrutiny and public information.

CISS encourages CISS members & non-members to provide written feedback via e-mail and ordinary mail at any time on activities and issues they believe to be of interest to the public with respect to cancer prevention and treatment. All such correspondence is published, including the CISS reply, where appropriate.

Together we can strive for a better understanding of cancer, how to prevent this complex disease and how to create a better, more effective & humane cancer treatment paradigm. CISS respects and celebrates differences of opinion and approach, actively seeking common ground and effective communication across the health care & research professions, to assist the public making better informed decisions about their health.

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