Treatment and Research

CISS acknowledges the significant work carried out by the Medical and Allied Health professions in relation to the prevention and treatment of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

It supports this effort by specialising in evaluative research, analysing the statistical validity (both absolute and relative) of published, evidence based medical research and by presenting findings in a clear and concise format to the lay public.

From a philosophical perspective, CISS champions and advocates an approach of health and wellbeing, whilst optimising quality of life through holistic practices in treating and reducing risk of disease.

When evaluative research findings by CISS are not consistent with claims made in current published medical research and/or in the information given to the public by the Medical, Allied Health Care professions and Government Health (Screening) Programs, CISS is obligated under its mission to place its findings in the public domain for serious debate and challenge. CISS is further obligated, to make every possible effort to inform its community through social and digital media, ensuring that public awareness of the issues at hand are given maximum publicity and that the public is given an opportunity to participate with questions and feedback.

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