The Story of Harry Hoxsey

In the 1950’s Harry Hoxsey operated cancer clinics in over 17 states in the USA claiming he positively cured cancer. Today, only one clinic remains in Tijuana, Mexico, still claiming an average 80% cure rate. This is his story. Compiled from extracts from the video “Hoxsey: Quack who Cures Cancer?” and other sources.

It all began on an Illinois horse farm in 1840. As the story goes, John Hoxsey, Harry’s great grandfather, was a veterinarian whose prize stallion got cancer. He put it out to pasture to die, but three weeks later the tumour had stabilised. He observed the horse eating unusual plants not part of its normal diet. Within a year the horse was

John Hoxsey began to experiment on animals with the herbs, and he added other popular home remedies. He claimed success and passed the formulas down through the family. Hoxsey said his father was the first to try the medicines on people. He gave young Harry the formulas with a death bed wish to make the treatment available to people whether or not they could pay. He insisted it carry the Hoxsey name and warned the boy against the high priests of medicine.

Harry Hoxsey started his first clinic in 1924 in Illinois and he immediately incurred the wrath of organised medicine. A non-toxic herbal remedy, a nutritional program, and an attitudinal approach to healing, harmless though it seems, ignited one of the most bitter controversies in medical history. It started a cancer war between organised medicine and one man, founder Harry Hoxsey, the ex-coal miner with an 8th grade education.

The doctors labeled Hoxsey the worst cancer “quack” of this century. But Hoxsey supporters called him an effective healer persecuted by a medical trust.

“…An investigator for the State Medical Board appeared … with warrants for (our) arrest…(for) practicing medicine without a license. (Our) Dr…. protested that he was the only man in the clinic who treated patients, and produced his license… But it had been canceled the day before…. I pleaded with them not to arrest my wife who (did paperwork, and) told (them) that we had a 6 month old infant at home who had to be nursed regularly…. (My wife was) locked up with … degenerate females …. …They ganged up on her, slapped her, knocked her down and kicked her.” (“You Don’t Have To Die”, p183, Harry Hoxsey).

Despite harassments, by the 1950’s the Hoxsey clinic in Dallas Texas was the largest privately owned cancer center in the World. Hoxsey clinics reached through 17 states. Endorsing the treatment were senators, judges, and even some doctors. Two Federal courts upheld its therapeutic value.

Estimates of the number of cancers cured using the Hoxsey therapy range from 25,000 to 75,000 people(1)… “… and we now have in our files many, many, thousands of case histories and records, pathological proof, x-ray photographic studies that we do positively cure cancer both internal and external, and we now have records proving that the cure stands up for many, many, years as far back as over 20 years here in Texas. Now I say to you, all I want is for them to come here, the AMA the Food and Drug (FDA), the Federal Government, anybody! Come here and make an investigation. And if I don’t prove to them beyond any question of a doubt that our treatment is superior to radium, x-ray, and surgery, then I will lock the doors of this institution forever.” (Harry Hoxsey, film: “You Don’t Have to Die”, 1957).

The AMA and FDA declined. Having struck oil in Texas, Hoxsey offered to pay for the tests himself but still they declined. According to Hoxsey, there was a more sinister reason why the medical profession would not investigate. His early fame in Illinois had soon reached the nearby Chicago Headquarters of the AMA. The AMA doctors invited him to demonstrate his treatment. Among them was Dr. Morrice Fishbein editor of the influential AMA Journal. The alleged testcase was a terminal patient, police Sergeant Thomas Manicks.

According to Hoxsey, the day after his successful demonstration, a high AMA official offered to buy the rights to the formulas. The alleged offer would have given all rights to a group of doctors including Dr. Fishbein.

Mildren Nelson, Head of Bio Medico Mexico (Hoxsey clinic), takes up the story as told by Harry:

“.. And they were in the process of drawing up the contract and everything – that they would take the formula. And he (Hoxsey) said you have to put in here that no one can be turned away because of the lack of funds. And they said, oh no. And he said yes, this is a promise I made my father on his deathbed. This MUST go in. (The doctors said) you have nothing to do with this we’ll charge what we want to. And he (Hoxsey) said you cant. You have to keep it in reach of everyone. This-must-be-done. They said, no. We’ll charge who we want to and treat who we want to. You have nothing to say about it. And he said, then you don’t get the formula. And then that’s when the battle started.”

Did the AMA doctors try to suppress a cancer cure they couldn’t control? Hoxsey’s shocking charges became shrouded in unprovable mystery when the AMA denied the entire incident. Evidence confirms only the medical case, not the circumstances. But one thing was certain, Hoxsey had made a very powerful enemy. By crossing swords with Dr. Fishbein he had alienated the most influential figure in all medicine.

Dr. Fishbein held a unique position. As journal editor he controlled the main income producing organ of the AMA and thus the organisation. He also published the accepted standards of medical practiced to this day.

After the Chicago incident of 1937 Dr. Fishbein blackballed Hoxsey by branding him a “Quack” in the journal. But he went even further. The Journal accused him of using brutal external pastes that ate fatally into patients blood vessels. He commented that Hoxsey’s most enthusiastic supporter was the local undertaker.

Dr. Fishbein reaffirmed his position publicly, “There is no serum, drug, or combination of drugs that we know of that will definitely cure cancer”.

Hoxsey sued Dr. Fishbein and the AMA for slander. The country’s most notorious Quack faced a whose-who of American medicine. Surprisingly Harry Hoxsey became the first man to win a judgment against Dr. Fishbein and the AMA. Day after day he brought in patients who testified that he had cured them.

The AMA tried to exclude the testimonials and the credibility of Hoxsey’s patients were on trial. But so were the credentials of Dr. Fishbein who made astonishing admissions. Dr. Fishbein failed anatomy in medical school. He went to work at the Journal before completing his internship. In fact, he never treated a patient or practiced a day of medicine in his entire career.

The ‘ever-vigilant’ leader of America’s ‘Quack Attack’ was increasingly on the defensive. Critics charged the AMA with being a doctor’s union setting medical policies in its own interests. Two Federal courts agreed it was a monopoly. “Dr.” Fishbein had to resign from his post at the AMA. But there was one even more shocking revelation.

“Dr.” Fishbein admitted in court that Hoxsey’s supposed brutal pastes actually did cure external cancer.

Just how “Dr.” Fishbein obtained the MD to his name was not entirely revealed. Yet this was the man of medicine who closed up every Medical School in America except those he could control by medical politics. And now, for years, he has been telling the world how it should heal its diseases.

The admission that the escharotics worked, however, didn’t deter the AMA, who now turned their attention toward Hoxsey’s tonic. They claimed, yet again, “it was worthless”.

The AMA tried to discount Hoxsey’s tonic as mere “cough medicine” claiming the only ingredient worth considering was Potassium Iodide.

From all this “swivel chair” investigation: the JAMA report of June 12, 1954, in part, is as follows:

“Any person possessing any modicum of knowledge of the pharmacological action of drugs should know that any combination of ingredients listed on the current label of the Hoxsey Tonic or in the statement filed over Mr. Hoxsey’s signature in Federal Court in Dallas, Texas, is without any therapeutic merit in the treatment of cancer.

Any such person who would seriously contend that scientific medicine is under any obligation to investigate such a mixture or its promoter is either stupid or dishonest.”

Sometimes “scientific medicine” is not so scientific. Why else would they call Potassium Iodide an expectorant when it is an alterative? “If given in continuous doses it is so potent as such it will create a rash or other skin lesions, evidence it does reach every cell of the body as an eliminate rather than merely an expectorant in a coryza.” (E. Edgar Bond, B.L.M.D., Editor of the Journal of Medical Physical Research)

Harry Hoxsey has been arrested more times than any other man in medical history. And, paradoxically, died of prostate cancer after his own medicine failed to cure him. The quack attack had, at last, taken its victim.

The Hoxsey treatment fled to Mexico to escape persecution, where it flourishes today.

Florence: “… Just coming into the (Hoxsey) clinic you get an entirely different sense … say when you go to a cold sterile hospital nobody talks to anybody and everybody’s afraid…” Frank: “… I thought this was apsychiatric place, all these people laughin and talkin and their supposed to be SICK! I’ve been talkin to them and they are… They’ve got very serious illnesses yet their talking and their happy … I never saw anything like it before.” Florence: “We have hope. You know, cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence.” (Florence (patient) and Frank Gibson interview, “Hoxsey: Quack who cures Cancer?”)

A modern day botanist comments: “A lot of modern folk tend to think that the herbal medicines are just a bunch of weeds. I have a contrary view. I really think the herbal medicines may be the way of the future. The National Cancer Institute with which I collaborated up until 1981 has screened over 10% of the plant species of the world including ALL that are in the Hoxsey Formula. I might add, ALL of them showed up in Jonathan L. Hartwell’s, ‘Plants Used Against Cancer’. Jonathan Hartwell was a chemist employed by the NCI who went through all the folk literature. And the LEAST citations one got was 3 citations, and some of them got over 30 citations …” (James Duke, Ph. D. Botanist, Agricultural Research Services, USDA).

Florence: “I came two years ago (to the Bio Medico – Hoxsey clinic) and I think I paid $1600 and it was a lifetime fee, that’s including all my doctor visits, all my medications…”.

Frank: “(its not real bad) compared to what we spent, say, $10,000 in less than 2 weeks when she first had surgery.”

“Frankly I think he (Hoxsey) was avaricious and in it for the money.” (William Grigg, FDA public information officer).

“It was the MONEY! This is true of all of them! There is no charity in their hearts. Believe me.” (Oliver Field, Former Directer, AMA Bureau of Investigation).

The August, 1954 issue of Man’s Magazine, (Hewfred Publications, Inc., 444 Madison Ave., NY 10022), contains documented proof of the efficacy of the Hoxsey method of curing cancer, in a 100 page article(1).

Investigator and writer Allen Bernard personally researched seven cured cancer cases, including interviews with the cured patients (an MD among them). also included in the article is a photostat of the last page of a statement by 10 doctors who personally investigated the Hoxsey cancer treatment. The doctors state, “We find as a fact that our investigation has demonstrated to our satisfaction that the Hoxsey Cancer Clinic at Dallas, Texas is successfully treating pathologically proven cases, both internal and external without the use of surgery, radium, or x-ray”. The names signatures of he doctors also appear. Among the cured patients are those who have had no symptom of cancer for as long as 24 years.

The first article by the magazine, which appeared in the August, 1953 issue resulted in 15,000 letters in a single year. Both articles have been reprinted and are probably still available.

Estimates of the number of people cured of cancer using the Hoxsey therapy range from approximately 25,000 to 75,000 people(1).


What follows is the 16 oz. Hoxsey Tonic as analysed by the AMA Laboratories (Journal of The American Medical Association in its issue of June 12, 1954):

Each 5cc of the Hoxsey Tonic contains:

Potassium Iodide………. 150 Mg 7.7%
Licorice …………….. 20 Mg 7.7%
Red Clover …………… 20 Mg 7.7%
Burdock Root …………. 10 Mg 3.8%
Stillingia Root……….. 10 Mg 3.8%
Berberis Root…………. 10 Mg 3.8%
Poke Root ……………. 10 Mg 3.8%
Cascara Amarga ……….. 5 Mg 1.9%
Prickly Ash Bark ……… 5 Mg 1.9%
Buckthorn Bark ……….. 20 Mg 7.7%

Maximum does: 1 teaspoonful 4 times per day.

Hoxsey Tablets #100 (black)1 which is essentially the same as the liquid:

Potassium Iodide………. 75 mg
Licorice……………… 10 mg
Red Clover……………. 10 mg
Burdock Root………….. 5 mg
Stillingia Root……….. 5 mg
Berberis(barberry) root… 5 mg
Poke root…………….. 5 mg
Cascara Segrada……… 2.5 mg
Prickly Ash Bark………. 2.5 mg
Buckthorn bark………… 2.5 mg

Max dose: 2 tablets 4 times a day.

Lactaba Red: Same as the #100 tablets, plus 1/10 mg pepsin, but without the licorice, burdock root, and cascara1:

Cal-Ton tablets (Yellow): Same as #100 tablets, but with 4.85 grains of iodised lime substituted for potassium Iodide(1).

Sixteen additional Hoxsey formulas are available for researchers and doctors from The Arlin J. Brown Information Centre, PO Box 251, Fort Belvoir, Virginia 22060, ph 1-703-752-9511.

The following is from “Whats In the Hoxsey Treatment?” By E. Edgar Bond, B.L.M.D., Editor of the Journal of Medical Physical Research. reprinted from the January, 1961, National Health Federation Bulletin, also the Journal of The American Medical Association in its issue of June 12, 1954, of its “investigation” into the Hoxsey Cancer Clinic, Dallas, Texas.

According to the article the Hoxsey tonic contains these crude drugs:


RED CLOVER          (Trifolium Pratense)
BURDOCK ROOT        (Arctium Lappa, Lappa Major) Roots or Seeds
CASCARA AMARGA      (Honduras Bark, Picramaia, etc)
PRICKLY ASH         (Xanthoxylum Flaxineum)
POKE BERRIES        (Phytolacca Decandra)
STILLINGIA          (Sylvatica)
BUCKTHORN           (Rhamnus Frangula)
LICORICE            (Glycyrrhiza Glabra)



Perhaps one may be secured in such a combination as using a shotgun” prescription. But when one analyses it he finds each has its purpose and reaches diseases especially in cancers which are many sided from many angles as an eliminating alterative, blood builder and mildly stimulating factor in urging the system to eliminate its accumulations of its pathology and rebuild.


The difficulty of those administering remedies in cancers, and such allied conditions, is in not realising cancer is first and always a systematic disease and failure to understand the manifestation we term a local cancer is not the entire cause of the systemic disturbances which are present as a result of such visible lesion.

We are attempting to cure cancers by more and more X-ray forces, Radium and surgical elimination of the local manifestation when we should begin at the root causes and its elimination by means of systemic eliminates. We must attack cancer as a systemic disease.

In addition “scientific medicine” in theory and practice is bound to the theory it takes a poison to “kill” disease and thus cannot see any virtue in natural medicines of botanical origin which build and strengthen nature’s fighting forces and enable it to better resist diseases as well as cure diseases. Such do not kill the patient with an overdose but hold vitality.

In the last analysis all medicines are proved, by actual use on patients. In jargon “Empirically.”

We submit … by the bedside use, and confirmed by recoveries from diseased conditions as evidence of its value in such diseases as cancer, both internal and external.


And, in the opinion of TEN CAPABLE MEDICAL INVESTIGATORS, does it better than any other method available if used conscientiously and persistently.

We do not expect to create a great revolution soon in modern day methods of theory and practice concerning the cancer problems, but we have the privilege of an American citizen to expose the wrong thinking in the medical world concerning the effectiveness of the above remedies, which are almost wholly botanical.

Each drug is one which gives positive elimination results which are term alterative in action.

It is seldom realised that these near nature drugs are possessed of antibiotic, that is, have bactericidal properties, especially when in the raw state, neither does the average physician realise these possess antiscorbic properties as also diuretic and cathartic properties.

Should there be no other argument for their efficiency, these of their elimination properties should ensize any one with reason to reach the conclusion there is in this formulae these needed properties in treating cancer.

Also, there is in it tonic properties which build in the system greater assimilation and strength from foods consumed.

That this formulae does all of these in almost a miraculous way is attested to by ten medical men who had places at their disposal many witnesses and hundreds of authentic records.

Editor’s Note: This article is being re-run in this issue of the Bulletin, in the hope, that Doctors who have the interest of their patients at heart will use the remedy in connection with whatever method they now use in the care of patients who are afflicted with this dread disease. This with the use of a Doctors regular procedure, provided he is not already using any of the ingredients contained in the mixture.

This liquid can be mixed by any good herb man or druggist and therefore can be available to a Doctor, who is licensed to use drugs, no matter where his practice may be located.

In administering this remedy, the same care should be used, as is used in the administering of any other drug. In addition to regular care a strict diet should be followed.

All foods that produce uric acid should be avoided, as much as possible. Those who follow a diet, during treatment, similar to that followed by vegetarians appear to recover faster and better. The diet used with the Koch treatment is also very good, according to the experience of patients reporting to us.

The foregoing remedy is an alterative and topic. It should be used as an adjutant to a doctor’s regular procedure. It should not be called a cancer cure, but rather an aid to normalcy.


If any of the following symptoms develop and are too severe, discontinue medication until symptoms are gone (usually in two or three days). Then resume with one-half original dosage and gradually increase dosage to an amount most comfortably tolerate and then continue.


Pimples appear on face, shoulders and forehead, as well as other locations on the body. They may become boil like. Glands in the neck may swell, as well as the area of trouble.

Excessive watering of the eyes and nose may occur particularly when bending over. Nausea and vomiting may develop. A bitter or salty taste may upset the appetite and an extreme feeling of weakness, particularly in the knees, may occur, as well as a pounding, rapid heartbeat.

These symptoms seldom occur but are given here as a guide to the doctor in caring for his patient…


Contact Information For The Hoxsey Clinic: The Biomedical Center (Hoxsey Clinic), Mildred Nelson, PO Box 727, Tijuana, B.C., Mexico (Actual address is 611 General Ferreira Ave), US Phone: 706-684-9011. Phoning from Australia: 0011 5266-684-9011 (AEST+16 to 18 hrs. Please do not call her in the middle of the night! She needs her rest – I estimate the best time to call from Australia would be between 4pm-12pm AEST) Or write to Mildred Nelson c/o John Meyers, PO Box 3654, San Ysidro, California, 92073, USA. Office hours are 9am-4pm, closed on weekends and US/Mexico holidays,

The cost of the treatment is about $500 (it may be more now) including 4 weeks room and board (outpatients only). The program is under the direction of medical doctors. A “simplified Gerson-like” dietary cancer therapy is now available, including selected minerals, trace minerals, specially processed cell foods etc. complete recovery has been accomplished in a few weeks, but may take months, depending on the degree of body malfunction at the start of therapy.

Detoxification and rebuilding of the body has also produced remarkable recoveries from heart conditions, arthritis, bursitis, sciatica, and similar ailments.

Patients who have had Pap tests indicating the necessity of an immediate radical hysterectomy have been cleaned up in 30 to 60 days.

Lumps, biopsied as cancer, in the breast area or other parts of the lymph system have become so isolated or atrophied, after detoxification courses, that often no surgery is necessary, or, when surgery is still advisable, simple rather than radical operations are required.

The Hoxsey Clinic also uses Koch’s Glyoxylide, Gaston Nassen’s 714X, Rife’s radio therapy etc, as part of their healing modality.

The Video “Hoxsey Quack who Cures Cancer” (82 mins) is highly recommended viewing and is available from Realidad Productions (US $55+$15 shipping), PO box 1644, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504 Ph: (0011-1) 505 989-8575 Fax: 505 983- 8957. Also available from Realidad is the Bernie Siegal film “Hope and a Prayer” ($40).

Newton’s Pharmacy in Sydney City has made up the Hoxsey formula. However, it may not be effective unless an appropriate diet is followed. Remember, it is Holistic medicine (body, mind, and spirit).


1. “March of Truth on Cancer”, Arlin J. Brown Information Centre, PO Box 251, Fort Belvoir, Virginia 22060, ph 1- 703-752-9511.

2. “Whats In the Hoxsey Treatment?” by E. Edgar Bond, B.L.M.D., Editor of the Journal of Medical Physical Research, reprinted from National Health Federation Bulletin, Jan 1961, also the Journal of The American Medical Association, June 12, 1954.




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