Events, Seminars & Workshops

CISS organises events, seminars and workshops on a regular basis*. Most are educational and interactive, offering participants practical information, which can be readily applied to everyday life, enhancing cancer prevention and treatment outcomes. Most are likely to incur a booking fee, to cover the cost of venue, speakers, audio & video equipment, presentation handouts and consumables.

Speakers are leaders in their field, presenting on the following topics:

Cancer Prevention Strategies & Lifestyle
Cancer Treatment Options (NB: non-directive)
Nutrition & Human Health
Environment & Human Health
Current Research
Medical Panel – Questions & Answers
Alternative Panel – Questions & Answers

Fundraising Events

Some CISS events are fun & activity based and specifically organised for the purpose of fundraising. These events may include film nights, picnics, walks, cycling, etc and are open to the general public. In addition to fundraising, these events aim to further raise public profile and general awareness of CISS.

Upcoming Events

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