Don Benjamin

Support Staff - Research Director

MIEE, M Eng Sci

Age – 85

I am married with four grown up children, 5 grand-children and 1 great grand child.

Although originally qualified as an Electrical Engineer my main paid work has been as a scientist. I spent 25 years at CSIRO as an Experimental Scientist, then another 11 years at CSIRO as a corporate Health, Safety & Environment Advisor.

After retiring from full-time work at CSIRO in 2001 I have spent the last 21 years as a part-time Health & Safety Consultant, mainly at North Sydney Council (4 years) and finally at Toshiba International Corporation (9 years) where I retired at the end of August 2017 to devote more time to CISS.

During the 41 years from 1981, when I helped to establish CISS, until 2015 I worked in a voluntary capacity as the CISS Convenor. In 2015 I stood down from the governing Committee to become General Manager and Research Director. 

During this time I have provided the main research backing for CISS having published six papers on behalf of CISS in peer-reviewed international medical journals: two on cancer surgery (1993 & 2014), one on mammography screening (1996); one on the role of psychotherapy in cancer treatment (2010); and one on the role of German New Medicine in the treatment of cancer (2010) and one on lung cancer screening (2019)  I have also run a pilot randomised crossover trial to measure the effect of pulsed magnetic therapy in the treatment of cancer (2001).

I have presented the results of my research at the Lancet “Challenge of Breast Cancer” conference in Brügges (Belgium) in 1994; a conference in Stuttgart (Germany) in 2002 and at the Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference in Barcelona (Spain) in 2016 and in Sydney in 2019.

I have not had personal experience with cancer, although I observed first hand family members and close friends who have died of cancer (my mother – bladder cancer; my elder sister – lung cancer; and a personal friend – breast cancer).

My interests include tennis, volleyball, surfing and bushwalking and politics.

I was on the National Executive of the Australian Reform Movement (1967-69); on the National Executive of the Australia Party (Policy Coordinator – 1970-77); and on the State Executive of the Australian Democrats (Publicity Officer -1977 -1980).

Having been the first published researcher in Australia to question the current cancer paradigm I would like to see CISS become well known for developing Australia’s and the world’s first evidence based cancer paradigm providing the most reliable independent, wholistic website that is the first port of call for people diagnosed with cancer.

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