Introduction to CISS

An Introduction to the Cancer Information & Support Society

Most of the non-toxic and natural therapies we are aware of are not designed specifically for particular types of cancer but are aimed at restoring the body’s own natural defences and strengthening the immune system. If this is achieved it is believed that the body can keep the cancer under control and, in many cases, eliminate it altogether.

Wholistic Therapy

Such therapy usually incorporates four different approaches to healing which might be described as the physical, the psychological, the emotional and the spiritual approaches; or deal with the body, mind, emotions and spirit. This therapy is therefore referred to as wholistic.

Physical/physiological methods

Most of the inquiries we receive are related to the physical approach and are concerned with the use of nutritional methods to help restore the body’s natural defences and stimulate the elimination of toxic substances from the body. This involves avoiding unhealthy foods, particularly animal protein, and instead eating only those foods that are rich in the nutrients needed for these purposes. Related to this is the use of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are taken as supplements to make up for certain deficiencies which many cancer patients tend to have, and which may be difficult to overcome simply by eating certain foods.

To answer these inquiries we have compiled a booklet “The Cancer Information Handbook” that discusses several of the nutritional methods used to prevent and control cancer. A copy of this book is available from us at a cost of $13.50 plus postage.  A comprehensive booklist is included in the Handbook. It is important that therapy not be confined to the physical approach but incorporate the other three approaches too.

Psychological methods/psychotherapy

If you are seeking information about methods to deal with the mental and emotional side we have included in the booklet some brief extracts from books on this subject. Some of these books are available from CISS. These methods include meditation, relaxation, stress management, visualisation and imagery techniques and others designed to develop a positive approach to healing and deal with emotions. There is strong evidence that behaviour therapy to treat emotional problems can prolong survival of people with cancer. It is believed by many therapists that cancer can only grow when the immune system has been suppressed or the cell metabolism has been weakened. This occurs as a result of one or more emotional problems, sometimes originating in an early childhood event or trauma such as a serious unanticipated event. In such cases eliminating the effects of these problems becomes one of the aims of the therapy. 

Recent evidence suggests that a key factor in cancer control is regaining control of one’s life and breaking out of the hopelessness/helplessness feeling. Recent evidence suggests that chronic stress, particularly at the subconscious level, not only impairs health but is a major cause of cancer and coronary heart disease.

Spiritual methods

If you wish to use one of the spiritual approaches we can put you in touch with a spiritual healer. Or you might prefer to attend a healing service at a church.

Self help

Most of the wholistic therapies are based on the principle that the person with cancer should accept the main responsibility for restoring his or her own health. It is, however, advisable that such therapies be undertaken under the supervision of a health practitioner. If necessary we can put you in contact with health professionals experienced in such therapies.

Other CISS Services

You are welcome to visit or call our office which is open from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 4.30pm on Tuesdays and from 10am to 1pm or by appointment on Thursdays. The office is near St Leonards railway station or is accessible by bus from the city (via Pacific Highway).

We provide free counselling for members and sell a range of vitamins and other supplements, juicers and water purifiers. We have a library of more than 100 books, CDs and DVDs which can be borrowed free of charge by members. We have produced a DVD of a seminar in 2007 presenting 10 CISS members who have recovered from late-stage cancer using the above wholistic approach.

Membership includes six newsletters each year which provide up to date information about the latest cancer treatments. 

Donations to CISS of $2.00 and over are tax deductible. CISS is an educational non-profit organisation promoting prevention, self-help and freedom  of choice in therapies for cancer and other degenerative diseases.

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