CISS provides information about alternative cancer therapies and support for those who choose to use them. We also evaluate conventional therapies. We believe cancer is a systemic disease and that emotional factors play a significant part in its cause. We believe that healing comes from within; treatment is what other people do to help.

So we suggest that people with cancer take control of their health and decide their own treatment program after being given accurate, unbiased, evidence based options about available treatments. We believe that to be effective treatment should deal with the body, mind, emotions and spirit. We then support them in their chosen program and provide them with extra skills they need for this task. We do this by providing personal support, either in person, by phone or by email.

First Do No Harm

Most conventional cancer therapies are invasive and some have the potential to cause serious harm so should only be used in immediately life-threatening situations and where there is proven evidence that they do more good than harm.

Evidence Based

Because some medical interventions may do some harm, treatments should be based on results from trials showing the intervention does more good than harm. The chart alongside is from a Cochrane analysis of the use of mammography for breast cancer screening that concluded that it results in treatments that do more harm than good.

Take Control Of Your Health

People with cancer get the best results when they take responsibility for their treatment choices and believe in them.

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We are not influenced or funded by any government or private organisation with vested interests. We survive on membership fees, donations and bequests from those we have helped and from unconditional corporate philanthropy. We provide detailed information only to our members, both individual and corporate. We invite you to join us and receive this detailed comprehensive unbiased, evidence based information on cancer therapies and ongoing support or donate to enable us to provide these services.


Warning: You should always consult a medical practitioner or medical specialist who is familiar with both conventional and alternative cancer therapies and practises evidence based medicine in general or informed choice in particular when considering relevant cancer therapies.

All opinions expressed on this website are those of the authors of the articles and not necessarily those of CISS. Readers are urged to evaluate for themselves any advice implied in articles. We provide references where possible to make this easier. CISS publishes for educational purposes only and takes no responsibility for the veracity of any claims presented. Where necessary we try to provide a variety of opinions in controversial areas.

The Cancer Information & Support Society is an educational, non-profit organisation. The information on this website is made available as a community service. It is not meant to be construed as, or in place of medical advice or treatment by your physician. CISS does not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any human disease or physical condition. It does not prescribe or dispense medicine of any kind. CISS is not commercially affiliated with any product, therapy, company, publication or person and it assumes no responsibility for the use of the information described herein.

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