Maxine Hewstone

Ordinary Committee Members

My name is Maxine Hewstone. I am 75 years of age and married with two children, six grandchildren and a great grandchild. I was born in the Barossa Valley in South Australia and attended school there.

My occupation has been mostly in Retail and catering, as a Mother, Housewife and Carer. My interests and hobbies have been Bush Walking, Gardening, Flower arranging Handicrafts and Cooking.

My Mother died of cancer while our family was on a working holiday of two years, travelling around this great land of Australia. This caused me to take notice of numerous reports of people who had cancer and were advocating the use of carrot juice, dark grapes and other such things to alleviate the disease.

Soon after my husband was diagnosed with Bowel and Liver cancer this interest grew and led to study and research which enabled us to treat his cancer with natural methods which were successful.

I have been a member of CISS since 1990 and now serve with my husband as a committee member. I hope to see CISS reaching out to ever more people who have been given little hope for the future and help them see there are many safe ways to treat cancer and serious illness by lifestyle choices. When people are in shock and filled with fear there are healthy alternatives they need to know about so they can make their own choices.

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