Mary Sponberg-Macready

Ordinary Committee Member

I was born on 14-3-41.  I was a Home Maker  and a Primary School Teacher since 1960.
I have 4 adult Children and 3 grandchildren
My interests are Reading. (Non-fiction & Educational/Informative) And Singing I am the Director/Conductor of the “Henry Kendall Singers” at H.K Gardens where I have lived for 14 years.  I was trained at NSW Conservatorium of Music and performed since 1960 at Willoughby Theatrical Company and others.
My personal experience with cancer began in 1995 with a diagnosis of Code 5 Breast cancer Carcinoma
I had a re-occurance in 2004 & 2008.   In 2017. I was diagnosed with CLL. (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia)
Throughout  treatment I had Main Stream Testing  and  followed  Evidence-Based treatment ONLY.
I have been a CISS Member since 1997
HOPE for CISS:    
I would like  to see CISS become well known for developing Australia’s and the World”s first Evidence Based cancer Paradigm , providing a wholistic. Website, that is reliable and independent and is the first reference place for people diagnosed with cancer.

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