Leonie Batchelor

Honorary Secretary

I discovered CISS in 1983 when I moved to Sydney from Auckland, New Zealand.

Member meetings were held then in a lovely house in Hunters Hill and were very popular, due I think to the beautiful environment and the gathering together of information and support.

Over the years I ceased my membership, as CISS at one stage seemed to reduce to merely a library, although I remained profoundly influenced by what I had learned.

I returned to CISS in 2005. By now Susie Benjamin was in the office and gave me more support and help. I borrowed inspiring books from the CISS library, listened to the speakers at meetings and practised meditation or relaxation, also going to a counsellor.

I then became Secretary to the CISS Committee in Sydney to make a modest contribution with others to this organization that helped me so much over the years. I also gather member stories and Committee profiles for the CISS Newsletter.

I feel CISS has the potential to play a more public role as advocate for the alternative and holistic approach to cancer treatment. I know from budget reports in years past that CISS struggled financially to maintain its activities but generous bequests from former members in recent years have propelled CISS into a re-structure, which is currently in progress. I would like to see CISS develop an holistic remedy cancer research division. However, our members are the lifeblood of the organisation and every modest contribution they make, helps.

I also applaud the enthusiasm and activities of the Central Coast branch.


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