Elizabeth Lyons

Ordinary Committee Member

My name is Elizabeth and I’m new to the CISS committee. I am a retired psychologist with some research experience in medical psychology and personal experience with cancer. I’m 64, have been married for 42 years and we have an adult daughter and a courageous foster-daughter with three special teenaged boys. Both daughters are strong women helping to make this world a better place.

My initial academic training was in education during the mid 1970’s, followed by work with disadvantaged young people on the Gold Coast. With appointment to a teaching position on the NSW far south coast we discovered the joys of bushwalking the Snowy mountains in spring, & cross-country skiing & snow-camping in winter.

After completing further psychology courses at UNSW and masters coursework at Macquarie Uni’ I began my long career as a psychologist. This included 20 years working in school counselling while dabbling in organisational psychology, followed by 15 years in private practice as a psychologist. I’d completed still more training plus psychotherapy to further integrate a personal trauma history in order to provide specialised trauma recovery, working mostly with police officers, domestic violence survivors and other victims of crime, torture & war trauma.

I retired after another cancer recurrence in late 2015. Now I enjoy more time for music, art & meditation, reading other’s research, staying connected with friends & family and watching nature doc’s while writing. My only vested interests are in GetUp, where my daughter is the environmental campaigns manager. I am also a longstanding member of The Australian Greens, and recently started networking with The newDemocracy Foundation and the Consumers Health Forum. I want to help CISS grow in any way I can. First however I’d like to see CISS financially secure for well into the future (with regular income from independent donors). This would enable CISS to build upon its uniquely independent information & support services that are consistent with the systemic & “whole-person” understanding of cancer. I’d also like to see CISS connect with international researchers who’ve also been questioning the origins and nature of cancer itself and thinking along similar lines about cancer prevention, management and treatment.

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