Dr Peter Daale

Acting CEO

Dr Peter Daale was awarded his Doctor of Business Administration Degree (2003) from Curtin University of Technology (Graduate School of Business) in Western Australia. He holds several other degrees from the University of London (M.Sc. 1995 [London Business School]) and the University of Western Australia (B.Psych. 1980, B.A. 1987). He is passionate about history, medieval art & architecture and classical music.

Peter managed, as chief executive, a variety of health care organizations in Australia and Asia focusing on business development, innovation and managing change. Appointments have included companies such as HBF Health Services Pty Ltd, PT Korporasi Kesehatan Indonesia and the Cancer Support Association of Western Australia Inc. Peter also consulted extensively in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore.

Peter was born in The Netherlands (1953) and completed his high school education in Spain (1970). He speaks several languages and has participated as a speaker in a number of (inter)national health care conferences in Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Peter retired from full time work in 2011 and now lives in Tasmania, is married and has two daughters. He is a Knight of the Order of Malta (SMOM) and has a lifelong commitment to charitable works.

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